Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Adult Day Center?

The Adult Day Center serves two specific purposes; the first is to provide dependent adults, many of which are senior citizens, with social and some health services as a viable alternative to institutional or long term care.  The first goal is to improve the person’s ability to remain independent for as long as possible.  The second is to provide family caregivers with a time of respite from the sometime overwhelming responsibility of fulltime caregiving.

Who Can Come to The Fountain Of Youth?


Our participants are unique individuals and vary greatly in age, race, health and social standing.  Some may have experienced a stroke, suffer from heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington’s disease, Down’s Syndrome or have any variety of conditions that have generally decreased physical function or created social isolation.  No matter the situation, each person is provided with a joyful day, comfort and achievement despite his or her limitations. Any individual, age 18 and older, who is physically limited, cognitively impaired, or socially isolated can benefit from attending the Fountain of Youth.



To be eligible for Fountain of Youth Adult Day Center services a client must:



Clients are ineligible for care if they:




Is Transportation Provided?


The Fountain of Youth provides limited transportation services.  Call 479-484-7782 for more information.

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