Testimonials About the Fountain of Youth

What are local families saying about the Fountain of Youth Adult Day Center?


“My dear husband, of fifty three years, is now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and needs constant supervision.  At first I thought that my only option was to place him in a nursing home and neither of us wanted to make that very permanent decision.  Now that he is enrolled at the Fountain of Youth he seems so much more content.


He is happy to have somewhere to go during the week and others to visit with.  This has also helped me tremendously by “lightening my load” as a fulltime caregiver and allowed me some extra time for family, friends, errands and the occasional nap!  Thank you so much, you have been a godsend to me and our family.”


~ A. W.

“Mom is a precious part of our family and has always cared for us. Now that she’s in our care, we trust our Adult Day Center; a safe and fun place where she spends the day while we work, volunteer or just enjoy a time of rest.  Mom looks forward to seeing her friends and the caring staff.  She loves the great meals, music, activities and having her hair done in the salon.  Thank you for everything, you have been a lifesaver for Mom and me!”


~ Gina

“For my father, the Fountain of Youth provided a place of security, motivation, and stimulation -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was a place he could come and be with people his own age. It gave us a sense of security, knowing he was cared for, and it enabled us to continue to live our lives. Living at home and being active five days a week kept Dad more alive mentally.”


~ Helen Holland, Fountain of Youth Board of Directors

"I think one of the most worthwhile things we can do as human beings is to honor people at the end of their lives like we do when they enter this world. The Fountain of Youth gives dignity to the people who come here to be nurtured."


~ Polly Crews, Board Member from 1991 to 2004

"I look at it from the caregiver respite view. Most people don't realize how difficult it is to care for a dependent person. Caregivers can become more ill than the family member they are caring for."


~ Garrett Luedloff, 12-year Founding Board Member

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